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Middleton Brothers Band Middleton Brothers Band

Middleton Brothers Band


The Middleton Brothers Band actually started in the early '70s when teenaged brothers Stan & Charlie Middleton put their first group together. Many players came and went and the name changed several times but they never stopped playing together.

In 1980, the group was The Middleton Brothers and was at this time that Joe Abbondanza and Greg Johnson first started playing with the band. The band toured, recorded, and became a fixture in the area for the next ten years changing very little until the '90s when Stan's two sons joined the band making it a true family band. The group garnered a lot of attention and was a hot fixture on the R&B circuit opening for Taj Mahal, Mark Kohn, Tommy Conwell, Johnny Winter, The Marshall Tucker Band, and The Jerry Garcia Band, to name a few.

Through a strange chain of events, Stan, Charlie, and several of the players from the early years were able to get back together as the Middleton Brothers Band.

The Middleton Brothers Band is a group of veterans who bring with them the old school feel and spirit. It is more than just a group of cats playing, it's a group of friends who have paid their dues, seen good times and bad and are not out to conquer anything. Every one of them has a natural love of music that has never faltered Together they tap into their rich, musical heritage to produce music from deep within -- a soul-band in the truest sense of the word. The Middleton Brothers Band -- echoes from the past and in your today.

A thought on Stan: I knew Stan all my life and he was, and is, a musical genius and yes, one of the funniest men alive.  It was an absolute joy, pleasure, and previledge to have him in my life here on this earth.  I know his hands are still on the helm, as he sits on his throne.  All hail the king!

Long live the king!  The king shall live forever!  Amen!

Always a pleasure,
Vector Stevens




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